Phased Retirement

Its genius lies in its simplicity, as well as in the personal and financial benefits

Here’s How It Works

City, county and state employees who reach normal retirement eligibility through the ASRS simply retire from their job and become contracted workers of smartworksplus. smartworksplus places the retired employee back in the same position (or one in which qualified) at comparable salaries, while the contracted worker receives full retirement benefits from ASRS. The state entity retains the same experienced employee while gaining budget capacity.

City, County and State Entities Advantages

  • Retain the services of trusted staff

  • Reduce the costs of training new personnel

  • Eliminate the cost of fringe benefits, such as Workers’ Compensation, unemployment insurance, FICA/Medicare, ASRS matching contributions and in some cases, health insurance

Employee Advantages

  • Keep working until ready to fully retire

  • Maximize earning potential in retirement

  • Earn full retirement benefits

  • Increase retirement investment opportunities

  • Enjoy the benefits of professional liability insurance, Workers' Compensation, unemployment insurance, and FICA/Medicare

  • Financial and emotional bridge to retirement